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Traditional Values. Authentic Cuisines

We are the veterans of old Travancore cuisine serving classical Sadyas with upperi, conventionally flavoured mango & lemon pickle, puliyinchi, kichadi, pachadi, thoran, olan, koottukari and plenty of other natively significant relishes . A legion which can brighten up 30,000 hungry aficionados per day without breaking a sweat. It is a passion for us. Our soldiers are hardwired to work not because they have to, but they want to. A brigade of like-minded personalities who aspire in serving the masses with “happy meals” literally. Our clan’s motto is to serve, and in service we find our bliss and elegant patronage.

The enchanting aroma of “Sambar” on slow simmer, the alluring fragrance of “Avial and the enticing view of Papads bubbling up as they are being fried, makes you feel that you need preparations just for having that meal. Our work sheds are where the mantras happen while the celestial beings oversee the creation of palatable alchemy. Hold your heads high as we are the traditionalists behind the most sumptuous vegetarian food that has the love and warmth of our maestro and chief. Take a moment with us, to relish and imbibe in the works of a legend, to feel the authentic tastes that Pazhayidom” offers you. THE ONE that holds the capstone in traditional Sadya with a rich background in the catering Industry and the one who holds the mantle in ancient Travancore style of cooking. We serve time honoured, soulful vegetarian meals whether it be marriages, tea parties or other special occasions. We take pride in being the old school chefs that we are and our clients are served with tradition and class at the same time. We strive to serve you not just any meal but a meal fit for any grandeurs.





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