Pazhayidom Ruchi


Pazhayidom Mohanan Namboothiri

The old saying “Adhidi Devoo Bhava” is a chant and the eternal fire in our hearts. That saying took us on a sacred journey through many opportunities and contests and we gracefully took upon one of the biggest challenges in the early 2000’s - The State Youth Festival of Kerala. Being an exceptional fragment from the former generation of chefs, Pazhayidom Mohanan Namboothiri has stood up against the odds to create and retain a legacy that has traditional flavour as its cornerstone . The Art Of Cooking is close to mathematics and without precise measurements and calculations the art becomes lifeless. Right from our formation in the earlier days, we were adamant in creating the perfect formula that would create flavours that are traditional and enduring. Kurichithanam Sree Krishna temple blessed the early steps in our culinary journey.

A group of professionals venturing into a voyage to satisfy the varied nuances of the hungry souls. The glimpse of joy and bliss lighting up a stranger’s face as they enjoy our meal is the reason for, why we are and who we are. Gaining recognition from youth festivals had jumpstarted the group to the state level and shortly gaining over to national and international frontiers. An approximate 2-hour sleep a day during busy seasons can kick-start the faction into overdrive because of the intense passion, love, and commitment they have towards this gratifying craft.


Crispy delights vacuum-packed

PAZHAYIDOM RUCHI is the next line of flagship brand after the glorious success of “PAZHAYIDOM TOP TASTE” that deals in frozen products which are widely accepted at the Australian Markets of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The all-new PAZHAYIDOM RUCHI yearns to make Malayalees obsess about the traditional fried deliciousness. The brand will initially produce seven products namely Banana Chips (Round, 4 cut), Sarkkara Puratti (Sweet Chips with cardamom and Jaggery), Potato Chips, Kerala Mixture (Sweet, Spicy), Pakka Vada to satisfy their urge. The brand already launched their business with the popular online markets AMAZON and FLIPKART from April 2018.

The firm will operate the business through the retail chain of Bakers and Supermarkets throughout various parts of Kerala. The pouch style and packing will be an added advantage along with quality.